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Revel_ Infinitus
Death Eater Agenda 
14th-Jun-2010 08:01 pm
I've heard that the formal programming schedule should be out any day now, and I know most Death Eaters like to have their nefarious plans all mapped out in advance, so this brings to mind a few things:

1.     Revels.  While everyone can of course wear their DE gear whenever they want, in cons past, the Welcoming Feast has been an event Death Eaters gather for and descend upon as a group.  This year, according to the preliminary schedule,  the Welcoming Feast is on Thursday from 1:30-3:00.  I've heard from a number of people that they'll not be able to attend the Welcoming Feast this year, so they'd like to work out additional opportunities to converge.  So, any ideas anyone?  What day(s) does everyone plan to Death Eat?
      On a related note, I've heard that even though the Night of a Thousand Wizards park event is after hours, masks won't be allowed.  Has anyone heard anything about this?  I've been trying to keep an eye on the HPEF website and forums for something regarding this, but haven't seen anything yet.  Well, it's something to be kept in mind because I know there were some (incl me) who wanted to wear their DE costume to this event.  Some sort of backup plan would not be a bad idea.

2.     Programming.  I think it would be interesting to know what formal/informal programming fellow Death Eaters are involved in (as an example, I believe some are involved in a Live Wizarding Chess Tournament).  Do you know of any programming that relates to Death Eaters or the Dark Lord? If so, point it out!  Noting a time and location (if you have that info) would be helpful as well.  Self-pimpage is encouraged.  The reason for all of this is...

3.     Death Eater's Guide to Infinitus/Death Eater Agenda.  I'm going to attempt to compile a schedule of Death Eater/Dark Lord-related events and things DE's might be most interested it.  I'll also include times when Death Eaters are going to try and get together to 'Revel' or attend an event together.  I'm thinking much of this info will come from the information provided by everyone in #'s 1&2 above.  

Only a month to go people!  *flails*
16th-Jun-2010 07:38 pm (UTC)
While everyone can of course wear their DE gear whenever they want, in cons past, the Welcoming Feast has been an event Death Eaters gather for and descend upon as a group.

I'll definitely be attending the Welcoming Feast. I'm not sure about what formal programming I'll be attending, as I haven't gotten the latest schedule yet.

What day(s) does everyone plan to Death Eat?
I believe there's only one day where I won't be welcome to revel with you lot, as Luna Lovegood is not a Death Eater. Need a captive? *G*

On a related note, I've heard that even though the Night of a Thousand Wizards park event is after hours, masks won't be allowed.
In every after-hours event I've ever attended (including many trips to Halloween Horror Nights), costumes/masks are NOT permitted. I've seen many a costumed attendee to such events turned away at the door after waiting in line with barely an apology.

The Universal Studios policy as of now is to address the issue of costumes on a case-by-case basis. They do sell wizarding robes in Hogsmeade, and I've seen youngsters wearing them out and about. HOWEVER, the Muggle staff at the entry gates do not have to let you in if they believe you to be in violation of their No Costumes Decree. (I honestly doubt that the muggles at the entrance will be kept up-to speed regarding NoaTW' special circumstances.)

Perhaps NoaTW should be an incognito event for us revelers. Also, once in the park, any loose articles (wands, snakes, bags, torture devices, etc.) MUST be stowed in lockers before getting into the line queues for The TriWizard Task and the Forbidden Journey. Security patrols in the line queues for these rides will feel no guilt if you wait for two hours, then are forced to step out of line to stow your items, only to have to wait again.

Note: As the security staff of the wizarding villages are outposts of Kingsley Shacklebolt's new regime, they might not be too keen on our mask-donning activities inside the park.

We'll play it by George Weasley's ear.

Is the formal programming schedule posted yet? I'll decide which events I would like to attend once I review it, and I'll post it here for you. events and things DE's might be most interested it.

16th-Jun-2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
Ponchos will be available to attendees in case of rain. I'm not sure of their cost, probably around $10. Best to pack one, just in case.
16th-Jun-2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
We'll play it by George Weasley's ear.


Is the formal programming schedule posted yet?

Was just posted today. http://www.infinitus2010.org/formal.html
16th-Jun-2010 08:42 pm (UTC)
Awesome! I cosplay Luna too. :D

I've heard that we'll have different costume guidelines for NoaTW than the park's usual guidelines since the event is outside of their normal hours. We'll just have to keep an eye out for an update on this. Hopefully it'll be soon! http://www.hpef.net/forums/showthread.php?t=21669

Yes - once you peruse the programming, let us know what you think looks interesting.
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